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lobelbrown started this conversation

Hi, I amĀ  LobelBrown and I need to find out how to pay off my student loan. I am currently, looking in to finishing my last three classes online. I would like to to continue but don't have the money to do so at this time. I would like to finish that Master program in IT Edu and then pursue a dual degree in Soci-PSy by obtaining my Master/Doc with financial help!

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yes you can freeze your loan but I am not sure about grants from the gov't for masters courses I don't think they do that they only offer them for undergrad courses but there are tons of scholarships out there you should look into them...GOD bless hope all works out for you keep on tryin :)

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maybe you could apply for financial aid through the college. i don't know if they would pay off you loan but it could help with more schooling if you want to continue your future. vesty

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